Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tagaytay City Lot for Sale

It is a 3.2 hectare property situated in a very serene environment surrounded by exclusive residential vacation homes.  It is very ideal to be developed into a private sanctuary or a place of leisure fit for large families who are into enjoying the wonders of nature far away from the hustle and bustle of city limits.  It is also the best place to develop into a well-planned mid-sized hotel for both local and foreign tourists.  What makes it appealing is not only the majestic view of the beautiful mountainous range but it is also abundant in fruit bearing tees and has a private waterfall that both visitors and residents can enjoy.  The entire topography of the property is slightly rolling, which makes development costs a lot lower than its neighboring properties along the main road which are supposed to be overlooking the lake.  It is very rare, especially now that Tagaytay City has experienced a boom in development, that anybody will find a place that has more than enough character appeal. 

It is very accessible and is a few meters from the main road which makes it a quiet area.  The frontage of the property is more than wide enough for accessibility.  Once inside, the view is just superbly mystical and is just so relaxing that eventually creates a calm and peaceful state of mind.  It is also for the very same reason why it is very ideal to be developed into an exclusive residential village.  Security, serenity and the solemnity of the place are for those who would just want to find a place fit for being laid back, relaxing and just losing themselves in the splendid atmosphere.

For those interested in viewing the property and are into development, the entire area is possibly the most feasible within the vicinity.  The possibilities and opportunities are limitless given a precise plan for development.  You can call us for more detailed information and we would be more than glad to provide you with these and more.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tagaytay Lot For Sale

For sale is a very ideal 3.2 hectare property located within Tagaytay City that has a glorious view of the lake and has a guaranteed slightly sloping terrain which makes it highly feasible for development with far lesser cost as compared to other existing developments in the area.  It has a flat surface upon entering the property and has a slightly sloping terrain downwards that reveals the view of the lake and surrounding mountains.  Presently planted on the property are fruit bearing trees and what’s more appealing is that it has its own waterfalls within.  There are several options as access to the property from Manila such as via Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Road, via Casile Road and via Aguinaldo Highway.  Coming from the Batangas area, you have the Talisay – Laurel Road and the Nasugbu Highway via Tagaytay.  It is directly accessible by a road that is only 200 meters from the Tagaytay Ridge Road and is comfortably wide for two vehicles, which acts as some sort of a private driveway leading to the property.

It is the most ideal place for the development of an exclusive residential subdivision, a mid-sized hotel with very ample space for outdoor elaboration with amalgamated businesses such as a spa, events venue, convention hall and a conference/convention venue for companies and large organizations.  

For very obvious reasons, Tagaytay has been the center of both local and foreign tourism due to its proximity from Metro Manila and business has actively been rising as a result.  The entire property is fully titled and is updated with land taxes since it is own by a corporation.  For those interested parties, you can get in touch with us for more detailed information and a possible inspection of the site. 

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